SCC Evaluation Night

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SCC EI E-mail Process

  • Very Important - SCC Members must send their EI's ONE WEEK prior to Evaluation Night. Otherwise, it may be very difficult for "The designated SCC EID Processor " (Matt) to help solve problems in time before the Evaluation Meeting.
  • SCC Members will send their Electronic Images (EI) as an e-mail attachment to address in accordance with image and file size instruction contained in the SCC Yearbook and the SCC Web Site. The above e-mail address is "The Designated SCC EI Processor " (Matt Muskovac). Please be sure to send messages to this EXACT e-mail address, otherwise Matt will not receive the message.
  • Upon processing the received images, the SCC EID Processor (Matt) will send an e-mail message to all club members listing each name and number of images that were received.
  • If the information for the member is not correct, the member is obligated to send another message with image attachments to Matt.
  • If the member does not receive an e-mail reply from Matt within a reasonable amount of time, the member must contact the VP of Competition via telephone. It is critical that a solution be realized before the Evaluation Meeting, such as sending the images to another person serving as back up.
  • The member is obligated to assure the above process has been accomplished, and that the message reply has been received. If the member fails to pursue the required action outlined above before the Evaluation Meeting is conducted, then the potential points for the images cannot be realized.
  • Make-up entries will only be allowed if the member has received a message reply and their images were not displayed during the EI competition for that meeting.
  • All Make-up images will be entered in the General category.

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On-line early sign-up sheets for Prints
Cutoff time is 8:00 AM on Evaluation Day.
General - Color
General - Monochrome

Blank label form for printing at home using
Avery 5164 or 8164 labels.

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Mini-Essay Program

Mini-Essay: A group of images with a common theme. Narration or background music is recommended. Images may be advanced automatically or by the presenter. Examples are travel, nature, photojournalism, etc. Content should be informative and/or entertaining on a subject of your choice. Images should be the work of the presenter.  Introduction and transition pages may be illustrations by others. The presentation should last between three and five minutes. Please time your essay not to exceed 5 minutes. Please put your name on the CD/DVD or flash drive. If you are entering a mini-essay for the first time, you may want to email Matt Muskovac with your details to be sure that your presentation will play on the club PC. Participants each receive 10 points for their efforts.

The club computer is a PC running Windows 10. Put your show on a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive. The projector has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. If possible, make your show a PC executable (.exe). Many members are using Photodex ProShow Gold software. There are also many other slide show programs available. You can also create an MP4 file. The club computer has PowerPoint Viewer software, although PowerPoint is not a good choice for a show consisting mostly of photos. The club computer also has Adobe Acrobat, so another choice is to use Photoshop Elements software to make a PDF show (a good choice for a manual advance program with real-time narration). Your show must be in a universal format that will play on the club PC. Sorry, we will not load custom software on the club PC.

Macintosh: Your best choice is to create an MP4 file. Another option is to create a DVD movie that will play on a standard Television DVD player. The club computer can play TV DVD movies. Other options are to use software that will create a file compatible with a PC, or bring your Mac and connect it to the club projector. The club projector has an HDMI connector. You may want to talk with some of the other Mac people.